'After an unspecifiable length of time I saw in my mind’s eye random specks of light through tiny holes in the curtains. Still, I kept my eyes shut for fear of reconnecting with the insomnia griffin. After silent debate with myself I agreed to wait until I was sure it was morning, wait for signs of the rest of the world waking up, before I allowed myself to see again.'

Nicki Gillard spent ten years struggling with insomnia. And then she discovered how to ditch it. She kept a diary of her journey. This is her story.

This book, or memoir, tells you how that came about. It tells you how I ditched the horrible stress of insomnia for good.

It’s about how I ditched being trapped and switched to being free.

I invite anyone who has stress in their life (I think that covers everyone) to read from my diary with its struggles and discoveries. If you will allow me to share my ideas with you, then you can decide for yourself if there is anything in my journey that can help you with yours.

Enjoy the read.

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‘Written with humour, honesty and insight Diary of an Ex-Insomniac offers a fresh approach to insomnia, to stress – to living life.’ 

- Sophia Camilla Jones